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There are so many factors to consider when choosing quality for interior house paint. I always advise my clients that using top of the line interior house paint is not always necessary and using the cheapest interior house paint is not a good idea either but there are some exceptions to this rule. Let me start with the exception to the rule. When repainting the interior of a house or commercial building the only time i would recommend using a lower grade paint is under these conditions: First, if they are selling the house and are not changing the color that is currently on the wall. If the color on the walls are for example Sherwin Williams Dover White and the sheen is Flat, two coats are not necessary unless the walls are very dirty and usually that is not the case. Clients sometimes think that two coats are mandatory and the sales people in the paint stores will tell you this too because they work for bonuses. So the more paint they sell, the bigger the bonus at the end of the year. I will explain why this is false. Lets assume they are correct and all surfaces need two coats of paint. If the surface currently has Sherwin Williams Dover White in a Flat Finish we have to consider that as one coat. So logic tells us that if we are not changing colors or sheen, all we need is one additional coat of a lower quality paint( if) the client is looking to save a little money. Unless the client really trying to save as much money as possible, I will advise them that they may want to jump up to a better quality of paint. For example, if the average house takes 15 gallons of paint and the client request a cheap paint because they are on a tight budget i will explain to them how much more money a better quality paint will cost. A very inexpensive paint at Sherwin Williams which is used for mostly new construction cost on average 15 dollars per gallon. So 15 gallons at 15 dollars per gallon is $ 250.00 dollars in material. I would then explain to my client that they can jump to a much more superior Sherwin Williams interior home painters near me called SuperPaint. The average price per gallon of SuperPaint is about $30.00 dollars per gallon for contractors. The difference between a very low grade interior home painters near me and a very good mid grade interior paint is only $250.00. Most of the time the client will agree and will want the better paint assuming they can afford it. As far as the labor goes, the price is the same. There is not extra cost for applying a different quality paint. Labor is labor so don’t get fooled.

When it comes to quality for interior home painters near me, it is not necessary to use top of the line paint. The reason for this is that interior home painters near me is not exposed to the elements i.e. sun, rain, snow etc. However, a good quality mid grade interior home painters near me is very important. Lets assume that the client want to change the color of their home. In this case two coats are mandatory. If the client wants to use a very inexpensive interior home painters near me to save some money but also want to change the color there is a very good chance that two or even three coats are not enough. This will all depend on the existing color and the new color chosen. Cheaper paints have less solids in them, this is the portion of the paint that is left on the wall after it is dry. A good quality interior home painters near me has about 30-35% solids. So two coats of a good interior home painters near me will leave 60% dry solids on the wall. This is enough to cover medium and light colors. Cheaper paints have 20% solids. So in order to reach 60% dry solid content, we would need three coats. We would have to buy 1/3 more of the paint needed and the additional labor for a third coat. The end result for the customer is a very high price and a poor quality paint on the wall.

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