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ARC Painting Wellington

ARC Painting’s Wellington House Painters guarantees your HAPPINESS. We are so confident you’ll be happy customer, we won’t ask for a Deposit.  ARC Painting has been painting houses in the Wellington 33414 area since 1992. We are a licensed and insured painting company with over three generations of experience. Contact ARC Painting Inc. today for all your exterior and interior painting needs. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED -FREE ESTIMATES – HAPPINESS GUARANTEE

House Painters Wellington – No Deposit Required

Call me, Anthony, right now! Let my Family of painting contractors paint the Interior or Exterior of your Wellington house with Exceptional Quality, Unwavering Integrity, & our 100% Happiness Guarantee, just as we have for so many of your neighbors since 1992.

  • We are one of the few painting companies that does not use sub-contractors. All of our work is done by ARC Painting employees.
  • Our team of professional house painters can handle any size job, large or small. So, whether you’re painting a bathroom or an entire building, we will provide the painting services you need.

House Painting Services in Wellington

Interior Painting

House Painters Wellington Interior 33414

When painting the interior of your home in Wellington it is important to hire a professional house painting company that is licensed and insured. When ARC Painting does the job, our team of professional house painters will treat your home in Wellington with the respect it deserves. And we will always deliver the results you would expect from using our Wellington painting company.

Exterior Painting

House Painters Wellington Exterior 33414

ARC Painting has three generation of exterior house painting experience. Our team of professional house painters are NOT subcontractors like most of the other painting companies in Wellington. All of our exterior house painting services come with a ten-year warranty. From the start of your exterior painting project to the final walk around our house painting professionals will make sure the work they do will last many years to come.

Painting & Waterproofing

House Painters Waterproofing 33414

Sometimes painting the exterior of your home is not enough. When the stucco on your home has many cracks and water begins to enter your home, it is time to waterproof your home. Not all house painting contractors are licensed to do this type of work, but ARC Painting is! Our Wellington painting company has waterproofed hundreds of homes in Wellington.

house painters in Wellington 33414
exterior house painters Wellington 33414
House Painters Wellington 33414
painting company in Wellington 33414

Exterior Painting Services in Wellington

Painting the exterior of your Wellington home? Let the house painting professionals at ARC Painting handle the difficult work for you. We have been painting the exterior of homes in Wellington for over 30 years and we are the only painting company that offers a 10-year warranty.

Our Exterior House Painting Process

  • The first thing our team of house painters will do is pressure clean all the exterior surfaces that are to be coated to remove all contaminants,
  • Next our team of professional house painters will apply a sealer coat to ensure proper adhesion of the final coat.
  • House Painters Lantana will then fill all the cracks in the stucco and caulk any opening in the fascia.
  • Then our team of professional house painters will apply the finish coat of a high-end Sherwin Williams Product.
  • We will then do a final walk around with the customer to make sure they are completely Happy.

Roof Painting

Roof Painting Wellington 33431

Roof painting will brighten up the look of your home a add some valuable curb appeal. It is important to understand that the color of your roofs makes up almost 50 of the exterior color. So it is important to pick colors that will complement your house when painting the roof of your home.

Fence Painting

Fence Painting Wellington

Fence painting can give your house that extra pop you are looking for. Leaving a fence, a natural wood color may look good for a few months but eventually it will not. Applying a coat of paint will not only preserve the wood for many years but it will also add that extra touch of class to your home.

Pool Deck Staining

Pool Deck Staining 33414

Should I stain my pool deck or paint it? This is a question we are asked often. Most contractors are lazy and only want to paint decks, this can lead to paint failure and a costly repair. A quick rule of thumb, if your concrete deck is raw (without any coating) then, you will always want to use a Solvent Base Stain.

Garage Door Painting

garage door painting 33414

Garage door painting may seem like a small job but our professional house painters have painted thousands of garage doors in Wellington. If you want to give the exterior of your home some sprucing up without painting the entire exterior, painting the garage and front door might be just what you need.

Interior Painting Services in Wellington

Our interior house painters in Wellington have been professional painters for 2o years. Our expertise comes from three generations of interior house painters. Whether you’re looking to paint the entire interior of your Wellington home or just want to paint a room, kitchen or bathroom. We have all of the interior painting services you need. Call ARC Painting now to schedule a free no obligation interior painting estimate.

Livingroom Painting

house painters wellington 33414 livingroom

Painting your living room will give your entire home a fresh new look. When guest come to your home, first impression is everything. Our interior professionals will make sure your home is well taking care of during the entire interior painting process. When we are finished your living room walls will look amazing.

Kitchen Painting

house painters wellington 33414 kitchen painting

Looking for that special touch in your kitchen? Our professional painting contractors have the experience you would expect to make your kitchen look amazing. ARC Painting provides kitchen painting in Wellington and all of our work is guaranteed. Let out painting company paint your kitchen while you relax and enjoy the fresh new look.

Bathroom Painting

house painters wellington 33414 bathroom painting

Bathroom painters in Wellington can be difficult to come by. Some Wellington painting companies will not do small jobs. Here at ARC Painting, we take on all types of interior painting projects. Our interior painting professionals are ready and willing to paint the interior of your bathroom no matter what the size is.

Door & Trim Painting

house painters wellington 33414 door painting

Painting doors, baseboards and trim can be a tedious job. But the interior house painting professionals at ARC Painting are always ready. If you’re not ready to paint the interior walls at the moment, painting the doors and baseboards might be the solution. Our painting services in Wellington are ready to tackle any of your door and trim painting needs.

Ceiling Painting

house painters wellington 33414 ceiling painting

Is your ceiling discolored? Do you have stains from a water leak? It may be time to paint your ceiling. The ARC Painting company provides ceiling painting services in the Wellington. Adding a coat of fresh paint will give the interior of your home that special touch of class.

Epoxy Floor Coating

house painters wellington 33414

Appling a coat of epoxy can make any concrete floor look amazing. Epoxy can be applied to any interior raw concrete floor. Epoxy is chemical resistant so it is perfect for garage floors, airplane hangars and warehouses. We also offer reflector epoxy floors for showrooms, offices or high-end homes

Drywall Repair

house painters wellington 33414

If you have minor holes in your walls, our team of interior painting professionals in Wellington have the expertise the make them disappear. Repairing drywall can sometimes be an art. It is important to make sure the repaired area matches the texture and finish of the existing drywalls. Our team of interior house painting professionals in Wellington have over 20 years of painting experience.

Wallpaper Removal

house painters wellington 33414 wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal can be a real pain in the butt…. However, the professional painters at ARC Painting have been removing wallpaper for over 20 years. Do not let any painting contractor remove your wallpaper. Hire a licensed and insured painting contractor when removing wallpaper.

Licensed and Insured

Many people do not understand how important it is to hire a professional painting contractor. Some House Painters Wellington are not licensed and insured for interior or exterior painting. However, the ARC Painting company is, and we guarantee it.  When looking for house painters in Wellington you’ll want to find a reputable company like us. Don’t look for the cheapest price. Here’s how I explain it to our clients. Since painting is the final touch, using an inexperienced painter can ruin the appearance of your home. Paint is like the skin of your house, it’s what everyone sees. And if the Wellington house painters you hire do not have the skills and knowhow to properly paint your walls then you can have a disaster on your hands.

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